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Below are some great links to fellow artists' sites. Some are whimsical, some are dark, some are serious and some need to be seen to be believed.

The styles are varied but one thing they all have in common is they're definitely worth checking out.

Caution: Even though I'm a firm believer in the freedom of expression through art, I realize not everyone may share that belief. So be warned that some of the links below may take you to artworks that contain nudity or "questionable" material. Nothing horrifying or obscene but things that may raise an eyebrow or two...still, they're all worth a look.

Here's a link to Patrick Kennedy's site. Its Noble Goof Art...

Another buddy of mine's website. Todd Manning's cool site.

A fellow SWGC classmate and good friend of mine: Chris Batten.

Vanessa Stockley's multi-media website.

Phil Simms has an assortment of his artworks here.

This guy's stuff is awesome. Easily worth a look: Jason Sho Green.

A group site. I like the "darkness" of the works...My Pet Skeleton.

What list of links would be complete without a link to my alma mater: Sir Wilfred Grenfell College? There's always a great group of talent coming out the SWGC's BFA program.

Updated March 12, 2009

All Works Copyright 1993-2009 Dana D. Carter