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18ighteen (Curriculum Vitae)

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To me, art is a doorway to another place: a place that could have existed or maybe should have, maybe never will. My art is an attempt to get there, to where anything is possible.

It's an escape really, not only for myself as an artist, but also for the audience...if I've done my job right. A place where they can escape the real world for a time, or maybe come face-to-face with the very thing they've been trying to avoid. As the saying goes: anything is possible.


Dana D. Carter
St. John's, NL


Bachelor of Education (Intermediate/Secondary) Sept 1998 - Aug 1999
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL

-Assorted courses in English Methodology, Computer-Assisted Learning, Drama Education, Effective Teaching, Teaching English as a Second Language, and Social Studies Methodology.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) Sept 1993 - April 1997
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (Memorial University of NL)
Corner Brook, NL

-Double major in Photography and Drawing with minor in Art History.
-Numerous courses in Painting, Print-making, Sculpture, Psychology, Philosophy and English.
-Digital Imaging course utilizing both Adobe Photoshop & Fractal Design Painter (completed after graduating with a BFA, from September 1997 to April 1998).


Photo Technician/Graphic Designer/Entertainment Editor
Mar 2002 - Mar 2005
The ex/press (now defunct), Transcontinental Media
St. John's, NL

-Scanning and image-enhancement of raw digital formats and black & white/colour negatives in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (format conversion, sharpening, level enhancement, photo-retouching, colour adjustment and balancing, etc.) to make images print-ready for four separate Avalon Peninsula-based newspapers utilizing the MAC OS.
-Responsible for photo illustrations and element/ad design of various sections for aforementioned publications.
-Compilation and editing of event/entertainment schedules for the ex/press, including layout and photography of entertainment section.

Illustrator/Layout Artist (Freelance)
Jan 2004 - Current
St. John's, NL

-Black and white pencil illustrations, colour cover and layout for "The Starrigans of Little Brook Bottom", a young-adult novel written by Harold Davis and published by Creative Book Publishing.
-Full-colour mixed media illustrations, cover and layout for "My Newfoundland and Labrador Counting Book", a children's book written by Betty Davis and published by Creative Book Publishing.

Graphic Designer / Copy Technician Dec 2000 - Sept 2001
Copy Canada
St. John's, NL

-Design, layout and printing of assorted projects for various clientele (company logos, business cards, posters, novel covers, magazine/newspaper advertisements, cd covers, menus, brochures, banners, etc.)
-Typing, organizing, proof-reading and printing of numerous projects as well as various other print/copy-related duties such as binding (velo, cerlox, spiral, and perfect), laminating, splicing, engineer copying, and general high-speed black & white/colour copying.

Memorial University Intern (Int./Sec. Education) Jan 1999 - April 1999
Elwood Regional High School
Deer Lake, NL

-Created and implemented an exploratory Digital Imaging unit for the Art & Design 2200 course which was offered for the first time at the high school level in Western Newfoundland. Entirely developed and taught this computer-based art unit which utilized the Adobe Photoshop graphic design program.
-Co-director of the Elwood Regional High School drama group's award-winning production of "I Never Saw Another Butterfly", based in the Auschwitz concentration camp of World War II.


-"Echo" StoryBoard artwork purchased by Government of NL Art Procurement Program, St. John's, NL in March 2006.
-Displayed original works in Societe Anonyme group show at St. John's Holiday Inn in May 2002.
-Won first place in's on-line "Art Attacks" contest in April 2001.
-Displayed original works with Suspectsart group at St. John's Starbucks cafe in June 2000.
-Displayed digital works as part of group show at The Natural Bean in Corner Brook, NL in April of 1998. Showcased in The Western Star as a standalone representative for the exhibition.


Resource Links, vol. 10, no.3, February 2005.


-Painting, Sculpture, Photography and Freehand Illustration
-Creating multi-media "StoryBoards" using a combination of photography, illustration, painting, collage, text, scanned images, and computer-generated graphics


-The Rooms art collection for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. St. John's, NL
-Sir Wilfred Grenfell College. Corner Brook, NL
-Various private collections. NL and ON

Updated March 12, 2009

All Works Copyright 1993-2009 Dana D. Carter